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Connection fee($45) waive offer on new activations

For a limited time, TELUS EPP will be waiving the connection fee for select transactions.
Smartphone activations:
- Available to all EPP organizations, CIL excluded
- Available for both primary and secondary lines; rate plan changes excluded
- Eligible for both Easy Payment device financing and BYOD
- Customer will see a $0 charge on connection fee line
- Not eligible on connected device transactions

Smartphone renewals
- Renewal customers are not eligible for this promotion

Valid until: July 28, 2021, 3:00 pm

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PROMO $50 15GB BYOD Activation

Peace of Mind $50 / 15GB plan

EPP code : corp30 / PW : employee

Limited Time Offer.

Valid until: July 30, 2021, 3:00 pm

TELUS Employee Purchase Program

The phones you like at prices you'll love

Unlock exclusive deals on smartphones and monthly rate plans by simply validating your employment. If you don't have an email address through your organization, email us or call 1-877-342-0201 (M-F 9-5). If your organization is eligible we'll get you set up with an EPP discount. TELUS offers easy ways to share data between you and the whole family. Through TELUS EPP you will get an exclusive discount helping you save even more.

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EPP Referral Program

There are two separate referral programs you can sign up for. You may earn a gift card and/or a bill credit for each referee when they successfully become a member.

  1. Earn $10 Gift Card when you refer your coworkers to APEX TELUS Exclusive Partner Program. When they successfully complete activation/renewal, you will receive $10 gift card for each referral and your referee will receive a $29.99 value gift from APEX.

    How to:
    • Step 1. Get your referral code

      Get My Referral Code

    • Step 2. Provide your code to your coworkers and make sure they enter your referral code when they submit the order online.

  2. Refer your coworkers who is not with Telus, and you and your referee will receive a $50 bill credit when your referee successfully completes a new activation by using the link below.

    How to:
    • Submit the new activation referral credit form. Once you complete the form, the referee will receive a link from TELUS to submit the order.

      Referral Form

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